More than cleaning

Soft Washing is the roofing manufacturer specified cleaning method, using their specific cleaning agets. This gentle 60 psi cleaning system, completely eradicates all living algae spores, and sanitizes those surfaces that are blackening your roof and other exterior surfaces but does no damage like power washing with 3000 to 4000 psi machines!


Roof Shingles and Tile

If you have dark stains on your roof, there is no question that you have an algae / bacteria infestation eating away at your roof. It’s unhealthy, ugly and may cause premature roof failure while raising your AC bills and lowering you home’s market value!

Soft Washing of Roofs, Houses, Pool Areas and Other Exterior Surfaces

Pressure washing can be effective, but can cause severe damage to surfaces especially wood, vinyl, stucco, and even cement, especially tile roofing.

High-pressure washing or power washing works with high pressures, using 3000 to 4000 psi. This is a tremendous amount of blasting power, resulting in possible damage to your exterior surfaces, if the pressure is too low, then the surfaces do not come clean. Many previous power washing companies now use what is called Soft Wash, or SoftWashing systems. These Gentle, Non-Pressure, SoftWash systems use a combination of “home garden hose strength” 60 psi cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agent mixtures to achieve more effective results. Each surface type gets a customized cleaning agent mixture, that makes cleaning more specifically targeted and efficient. Surfaces are not just cleaned, but sanitized!


“Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal”

Florida Exterior Wash specializes in all surface exterior cleaning without the use of damaging pressure washing and uses a Roofing Manufacturers Association approved method and it’s cleaning agents on roofs.

Do not be fooled by “Environmentally Friendly Go Green” claims. These products are not regulated to guarantee any safety or effectiveness, when used in quantities needed to clean roofs!

A water / bleach mix is the only product suggested by roofing manufacturers to kill off all roof algae. Bleach is biodegradable, when dry, it is common salt. It has proven to be the most effective product for destroying algae and restoring roofs and other algae blackened or dirt / bug covered areas for well over 25 years!

The real key to being environmentally friendly, is to limit the amount of product put on a roof, house, pool cage, deck, fence or driveway to a minimum.

That is what we do, by the type of system we use.


Additional Exterior Cleaning Services;

  • Home Siding Removing Dirt, Bugs, Algae Etc
  • House Trim Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl Etc
  • Driveway, Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Pool Cages
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roofing of all types.

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