Roofs: Shingles, Tile, Metal, Etc

If you have dark stains on your roof, there is no question that the shingles are being attacked by a living organism:

Gloeocapsa magma – a species of cyanobacteria.

Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, ancestral to the chloroplasts of all plants on earth. Gloeocapsa magma may resemble “algae”, but in fact cyanobacteria are are actually bacteria. It is so common to call what you see “Algae” that I will do the same here.

1. Shingles break down from decomposition caused by the algae / bacteria filament root systems.

2. Shingles break down because algae and fungus have a hunger for limestone fillers. Limestone, which contains phosphates, is an excellent source of nutrients for algae and bacteria.

3. Shingles break down from the waste created by the algae and fungus metabolizing the limestone fillers. This waste is acidic and damages the shingles.

4. Shingles break down because of excess heat caused from the darkening of the shingles. The algae and bacteria limit the reflective performance of the factory finish. The darker the shingles get from algae streaking, the more heat they absorb. This excess heat dries the shingles and ages the petroleum in them. This additional heat raises the temperature of the attic and your A/C bills.

We never use Pressure Washers to clean roofs. Our “Soft Wash” low pressure cleaning method allows us to clean roofs and completely eradicate the algae / bacteria, leaving a sanitized surface everywhere we clean. Pressure washing just cleans the surface and doesn’t achieve a 100% kill of the root system allowing them to infest your roof again. Our system and cleaning solutions are recommended by one of the Roof Manufactures Associations.

In fact, the links below all say to clean roofs with the method we use at Florida Roof Wash and Exteriors.
They all also say specifically “DO NOT PRESSURE WASH”

{GAF Roofing Manufacturer}

{ARMA Roofing Manufacturer Association Cleaning Bulletin}

{CORNING Roofing Manufacturer} Click number 1 “algae growth“}

The ARMA also says not to allow anyone to apply any roof coatings. This is a common sales gimmick. Usually pressure washing companies-not roof cleaning companies-will pressure wash your roof and then sell you an after coating, which they want to reapply every 2 years. Names like Roof-A-this or that or Armer Coatings etc. Not wanting to name any specific one that is real. Read the ARMA warning below.

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All our cleaning solutions are 100% biodegradable and our methods make us plant friendly!


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